Amanda Schilling

Ever show a stylist a picture for your hair inspiration and walk away from your appointment wondering if they need glasses? Amanda Schilling is the exact opposite – she goes above and beyond to make your hair dreams become a reality. When she isn’t busy creating hair miracles, Amanda is usually busy helping clients with her true passion: nails! When we get new nail products at the salon, Amanda is like a kid in a candy store. After she leaves Salon Branca for the day, it’s hard to track Amanda down – she’s always on the go! Whether she is in her kitchen baking, packing up for a quick weekend getaway or out and about on her bike, Amanda is always living life to the fullest.

Andrea Schneider

If you are a perfectionist who pays attention to every.little.detail, then Andrea is your go to girl for colors, cuts and extensions. In fact, she is SO good that you can often find her training many of Salon Branca’s new talents. As if that isn’t enough, Andrea spends a lot of time giving back to a cause that she is passionate about: breast cancer. She helps to educate women with breast cancer on the transition they face. What can we say – we’re lucky she chose to work at Salon Branca!

Cinthia Yn

Studio Branca & Salon Branca are famous for their complimentary scalp massages and part of that notoriety is thanks to Cynthia. Her scalp massages, paired with her ability to create the perfect cut and color for each individual client’s feature, makes her a crucial member of our team. We personally think it’s part natural talent and part Cynthia’s desire to LEARN. Whether it’s cut and color classes, spending time in a museum, or reading, she cannot quench her thirst for learning more about everything!

Jamie Healey

This St. Louis native realized that she wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and explore a career in cosmetology at a young age. Jamie had the opportunity to join the Studio Branca team in 2008 and train under one of our top stylists! Here she has become the go-to girl for long layering techniques, color formulation,and foil placement. Whether you are a client with thin hair seeking more volume or thick hair looking for an easier styling method, Jamie knows her stuff. When she isn’t giving her guests the gift of confidence, you can typically find Jamie hanging out around town with her husband and three beautiful children.

Jessica Peanick

Curly hair, she don’t care! Jessica spent a lot of her life trying to tame her unruly hair and what seemed like hassle at the time has led her to a successful career in cosmetology! The best part of this color and cut specialist’s day is seeing her final product come together. There is really nothing quite like watching your color come together to perfectly compliment your cut. Jessica not only enjoys using her talent as an outlet for her creativity – she loves meeting all of the new and different kinds of people you can only meet at a place like Salon Branca. Born and raised in Wentzville, Mo., Jessica still resides there today where she spends her free time with her family enjoying the outdoors.

Kathy Cardwell

The two things that take the absolute most precision, accuracy and patience in cosmetology are extensions and color. In this case, actions really do speak louder than words because Kathy specializes in each. She thinks the ultimate compliment that a client can give her is referring her work to someone else – and guess what? It just so happens that she gets a lot of those kinds of compliments. There are certain people in the world who you can tell are just happy to be doing their jobs and Kathy is the epitome of that – from her clients to her coworkers, she loves working at Studio Branca!

Laura Zoellner

You may as well change the phrase from jack-of-all-trades to Laura-of-all-trades, because this stylist specializes in hair color, cutting AND special treatments like keratin treatments. AND she is great at solving challenges her clients face because she has stellar talent and listening skills. AND she is constantly improving her knowledge by attending industry education classes. AND, well, you get the picture! When we let this gem escape the salon (we would seriously set up a cot for her to work 24/7, but we don’t think her family would appreciate that!), Laura is either spending time with her gorgeous daughters and husband, curling up with a good book, or doing what she can to give back. Laura is one of a kind and we’re lucky to have her as a part of our family at Salon Branca.

Lisa Lorch

Now Lisa has 14 years under her belt at Studio Branca & Salon Branca, specializing in cut and color. If you’re looking for ways to add volume to your ‘do, Lisa is your girl – just be sure you have somewhere to go after your appointment because you’re going to look too good to just go home! She doesn’t just do amazing work in the salon, either. In her free time, Lisa loves to visit her children’s elementary school to lend a hand!

Maya Bredensteiner

Looking for a stylist who specializes in cut, color, extensions AND is an expert on product recommendation? Maya has been a staple for Salon Branca since 2007! Her main passion is making her clients look and feel great about themselves. A few words of wisdom Maya loves to live by? “We must absolutely do what we love, or we run the risk of doing nothing at all.”

Meegan Mark

Any Curly Sues out there? Meghan knows from personal and professional experience how to not only tame but also embrace your spiral coif. In addition to her experience in hair, she also continues to learn about the art of skin care and what is best for each and every client. When Meghan isn’t hooking her clients up with amazing cuts and skincare advice, you can find this hot momma training for her favorite race – the Tough Mudder.

Michelle Woods

Originally a member of our front line team, Michelle quickly realized that hairdressing wasn’t just in her family members, but in her as well. She is working to master all of the beauty trends, but thrives with men’s cuts and balayage! She is a believer in a thorough consultation, and bringing Pinterest dreams to reality for her clients. This Hillsboro resident turned city girl is all about family, and enjoys events near her downtown apartment. On her days off, she enjoys riding her bike around town and spending time with family – 6 siblings’ means she is never short of company. She can’t wait to have you in her chair!

Paige Goss

This hometown girl has had a passion for all things hair and makeup her whole life, leading her to TSPA and then to Studio Branca! Creating beautiful blondes and painting the perfect balayage are two of her favorite things, but she also has quite the knack for styling and makeup! She loves being able to show her clients styling tricks to get their favorite looks from Instagram, Pinterest and magazines. Being a Branca babe isn’t just about cutting and coloring hair for Paige, she wants to give her clients hair they will love every day, to transform their confidence and a be a positive light every time they sit in her chair. Paige is always looking to better herself and gain more skills, and that is just what she is doing this year with continued education classes and certification courses. She is striving to become healthier, stronger and happier, and takes her time off to workout, read, learn and shop. On any given Sunday you can find her getting brunch with friends, or spending time with her Dad, brother and her puppy. Come by and sit in her chair and enjoy the relaxation and positivity she provides!

Sarah Blackburn

If hair was fashion, your hair would be the fabric and Sarah would be the seamstress. With a strong background in fashion, this talented stylist brings a different perspective to your hair appointment. Her cuts are all about maximizing movement, versatility and impact to help your hair reach its maximum potential. Sarah is also well-trained in the art of investigation. Sometimes stylists and guests have a language barrier when it comes to describing exactly what they want, and Sarah has a special ability to take the time to understand all of her clients’ needs and wants. Staying true to her fashion roots when she’s not at work, Sarah can be found perusing the craft store for fabric or resale shops for fun, vintage finds.

Tony DiMercurio

In the real world we say that nothing is black and white. In the world of hair salons, we say that nothing is just blonde, brunette and red—it’s a mantra that Tony lives by. Whether you are choosing a color from the rainbow or you’re looking for a way to brighten up your current color, Tony knows how to make your hair exude personality and make an entrance. He is also passionate about something a lot of clients don’t take the time to understand – product! If you’re making an effort to make your hair fabulous, Tony wants to make sure that your product preserves your hair’s new ferocity until your next salon visit.