Studio Branca Staff

Abbey Manning

If you are looking for one heck of a head message, then Abbey is your girl! A former Studio Branca client, turned receptionist and now a hair guru, Abbey’s passion is finding the perfect palette for your hair color and skin, leaving you relaxed and feeling beautiful. Passionate about learning and growing in the industry, she has taken multiple Balayage education classes, attended a men’s haircutting course, became shellac certified, and will soon be attending a Keratin treatment class! Her strong faith and passion for making you feel your best is what motivates her every day. When she’s not making her clients feel amazing, she is enjoying a movie, concert or a great cup of coffee around St. Louis - she’s a little bit of a coffee snob so ask her which spot is her favorite!

Adrianne Hastings

Whether you need a change – big or small – Adrianne can help. With a stylist that specializes in color, highlight, Balayage and cutting, what more could you ask for? She believes that the key to her success is her extensive education – and boy, does she have some impressive education accolades! If you want to track Adrianne down outside of the salon to ask her about it, you might want to lace up your boat shoes, because you’re likely to find this skipper on the water and behind the wheel!

Alis Mergenthaler

You know the saying, “If you can’t do, teach?” That does not apply to Alis. She is an accomplished veteran stylist at Studio Branca who is known for her cuts and colors AND Alis leads the education of our apprentices as the Associates Program Educator. If you came into the salon wanting the latest style, Alis would definitely be in the know – one of her passions is keeping up with changes in industry trends, including one of her specialties, balyage! Cosmetology trends aren’t the only thing Alis has a passion for – she’s also a health and exercise enthusiast.

Allyson Finkeldey

From dolls, to manikin heads, to her loyal clientele – Allyson’s career in the hair industry started at a very young age. Experienced in cut and color, Allyson’s true passion is helping women with curly, thick hair find the best styles and color that works for them. She has a special way of making each client feel beautiful when they walk out of the salon. After working her magic at Studio Branca, Allyson loves to go on long runs and relax with a good cup of coffee.

Anna Andrews

Asked if she had any particular specialties, Anna said “coloring blonds, resistant gray, cutting, styling and controlling texture, curly and fine hair.” Oh that’s all? Maybe all of Anna’s areas of expertise are because she has been in the cosmetology industry for more than 20 years? Or perhaps because she has had an immense amount of education in just the past five years? However she mastered these skills, her clients love the results! Not only is Anna amazing at all-things beauty on the outside, she also has a passion for achieving beauty and health on a molecular level. Ask her about her own personal journey to health to find out more!

Becky Prinster

Carrie Auchly

Color cutting, extensions, and special occasions styling—oh my! Carrie can do it all, but this amazing stylist loves working with color – it is her passion. Whether it’s color reparation, a drastic change or simple, subtle highlights, Carrie can identify her clients’ needs and work with them to create their perfect look. When she isn’t creating masterpieces in the salon, Carrie is spending her time with her family either at home or at their favorite close-to-home getaway spot – the Lake of the Ozarks!

Casey Trevor

Ever since second grade, Casey has had her eye on the prize – the prize being a career that she loves in cosmetology, of course. Through her hard work, dedication and education, Casey has built a loyal clientele that sees her for cut, color and nail services. If you talk to any of Casey’s guests, they’ll be the first to tell you that she knows what works for her clients, she works efficiently, and she’s good company to keep! Though she is always growing and changing as a person, one constant remains: Casey’s number one passion is her friends and family.

Charli Weatherford

The best gift you can give someone is confidence and Charli’s mission is to allow each of her clients to be happy and feel good about themselves. And with her stylist skills in cut, color and pedicures, she does an amazing job! When she isn’t making positive changes for her clients or taking classes to keep up with the latest industry trends, Charli focuses her time on her friends, family and her health!

Chris Gould

Chris currently provides the expert guidance that comes with 20+ years of experience as the Creative Director at Studio Branca AND the Education Coordinator at The Salon Professional Academy. This world-trained stylist knows how to give her guests a look that will work for their lifestyles, face shape and hair texture. With a never-ending thirst for education and incredible talent, Chris is a stylist you can count on to enhance your beauty and style. When she is not in the salon, Chris spends all of her extra time with those most important to her – her family.

Cinthia Yn

Studio Branca & Salon Branca are famous for their complimentary scalp massages and part of that notoriety is thanks to Cynthia. Her scalp massages, paired with her ability to create the perfect cut and color for each individual client’s feature, makes her a crucial member of our team. We personally think it’s part natural talent and part Cynthia’s desire to LEARN. Whether it’s cut and color classes, spending time in a museum, or reading, she cannot quench her thirst for learning more about everything!

Ellie Bruce

When we think of the American Dream, we think of our very own Ellie B! Brought to the U.S. by her mother for a better education from Togo, she is always striving to become more advanced with her career. A 2015 graduate from TSPA, and she is already looking to add more certifications to her repertoire. She is a braiding queen, no matter your ethnicity; she is able to offer the best braided styles. She is passionate about helping her clients feel their best and leave with growing confidence, and there isn’t a problem she can’t solve! When she isn’t helping her clients find the best style or applying the perfect makeup she can be found with her family, traveling or just trying a new restaurant. Not only is she a hard worker at the salon but also with her children’s school. Her passion for kids doesn’t stop there, one of her favorite non-profits is The Scholarship Foundation. If you’re interested in a beautiful braid, style guidance or the best scalp massage, make an appointment with Ellie now!

Gina Kelso

If being creative wasn’t a way of life, we wouldn’t dare tell Gina that! She needed a way to use her artistic abilities and a career in cosmetology was a natural decision after working in a salon in college. For Gina, each haircut or color that she gives is the same as a business card – she wants each and every client to be a real-life model for her work – and they are! If you think Gina’s creativity stops when she leaves the salon, think again. She is constantly making things for her friends and family!

Hayley Ballin

Not sure what you are looking for? You’ve come to the right stylist! With a lifelong passion for hair, makeup and all things beauty, Hayley loves making people feel beautiful and turning a vision into reality! She is Balayage and extension certified and L’Oreal Professionnel certified. This proud city girl has the passion, drive and experience you will love. What is her favorite thing to do? She loves doing color, makeup and creating beautiful updos for weddings! Always focused on what her career and future may hold. Hayley is preparing for upcoming classes including a men’s cutting course, Advanced Balayage and advanced color formulation. On her free weekends, she enjoys attending church and spending quality time with her friends and family.

Heather Bair

Just one good look at a client and Heather knows what cut and color will go well with their face shape and skin tone. She loves the way a great color can compliment a cut and vice versa. In addition to cut and color, Heather also specializes in special occasion styles, relaxers and waxing. When Heather isn’t helping her clients achieve their desired looks, she is usually hanging out with friends and family having great laughs.

Jessica Handley

Julie Woods

For Julie, honesty is the best policy. She knows what will look best on her clients and excels at helping guests learn how to work with the hair they were born with – be it voluminous, thin, straight or curly! If Julie was forced to pick one hairstyle to cut for the rest or her days, it would be a bob – she specializes in working with short ‘dos! Think Julie might look familiar? Maybe it’s because she is a St. Louis native familiar to that famous area question, "What high school did you go to?" Perhaps you saw her coaching the drill team at her alma mater, Pattonville High School! Or maybe you’ve seen on the St. Louis Rams’ sidelines, cheering on the team to victory. She’s everywhere!

Kathy Cardwell

The two things that take the absolute most precision, accuracy and patience in cosmetology are extensions and color. In this case, actions really do speak louder than words because Kathy specializes in each. She thinks the ultimate compliment that a client can give her is referring her work to someone else – and guess what? It just so happens that she gets a lot of those kinds of compliments. There are certain people in the world who you can tell are just happy to be doing their jobs and Kathy is the epitome of that – from her clients to her coworkers, she loves working at Studio Branca!

Katie Swisher

Not only does Katie execute hair – especially short cuts – with ninja-like precision, but she also dominates when it comes to makeup artistry. Ahem, future brides take note! One of her favorite things about working at Studio Branca is seeing her clients get excited about what they see in the mirror. When she isn’t making clients happy in the salon, this South County native can be found at the park with her pup or giving her twin nieces the chance to make her over – they love their Aunt Katie!

Lauren Mckenna

Whether you have a hair care routine that you love or you are about as predictable as St. Louis weather, Lauren knows how to best evaluate each client on a personal level. All of Lauren’s clients rave about how they feel 100 percent better after sitting down in her chair – the girl’s got talent! Not only does Lauren have a knack for putting some pep in her clients’ step, but she also happens to keep her chi aligned by balancing yoga and trying new places in and around St. Louis.

Leann Layton

Some people consider hair color a service that you receive at the salon. To Leann, color is her art. It’s what she is known for and it’s why people keep coming back for more! Even though her standout talent is manipulating the perfect color for each client, Leann would do bridal updo’s every single day if she could. There is just nothing like being a small part of the biggest day of a woman’s life. Leann is one of the many people at Studio Branca who love coming into work. She says Thomas Edison said it best when he said: “I never did a day’s work in my life; it was all fun.” Not only is Leann having fun in the salon, she’s also having a pretty good time outside of work with her husband, and her dog, Moose!

Meagan Theodore

Long, short, brunette or blonde – it doesn’t matter where you are or where you want to be, Meagan can help you achieve ALL of your hairstyle goals. This girl is in the business of beauty, and she runs her business on the foundation of creativity and education – let us assure you that her business is a very well-oiled machine! Meagan isn’t always letting her creativity run wild – the key to her heart may or may not include time with her fiancé, a little patio action and a large glass of red wine. It’s really the simple things in life that complete it sometimes!

Meegan Mark

Any Curly Sues out there? Meghan knows from personal and professional experience how to not only tame but also embrace your spiral coif. In addition to her experience in hair, she also continues to learn about the art of skin care and what is best for each and every client. When Meghan isn’t hooking her clients up with amazing cuts and skincare advice, you can find this hot momma training for her favorite race – the Tough Mudder.

Melanie Ingracia

It was only a matter of time before St. Louisan Melanie found herself in the beauty industry. She’s had her eyes on the prize from a young age and made her dream a reality. This fashionista stays on top of current hair trends and color techniques, and aims to set realistic expectations while keeping her guests’ best interest in mind! Education is important to her and she takes every opportunity to learn more. Melaine recently completed the Discover Hair Show for Biolonic, Kerastase, has a broad knowledge of L’Oreal Professionnel and Aveda products and completed Advanced L’Oreal Professionnel Balayage color and cutting course. Away from the spa, she is a busy super mom to her handsome little man, Joey. Melanie enjoys getting away with her family at the pool, around a fire or at their home away from home camping at Montauk.

Pauline & Gail

Reese Morris

Everyone has a friend that is always in the know of the latest and greatest industry trends. Reese is “that” girl here at Studio Branca. Whether it is the newest color techniques, chic cuts or elaborate up-dos for your special day, you can count on Reese to know what will look best. Reese puts her knowledge outside of the salon to good use, volunteering her time at a local senior facility.

Sarah Serra

Ever walk away from a haircut never again able to recreate the masterpiece that your stylist designed? You must have never had the pleasure of sitting in Sarah’s chair at Studio Branca. She prides herself on taking the extra time to teach her guests how to style their custom looks. Her patience paired with her killer color and blow dry abilities, makes her an unstoppable triple threat. Outside of the salon, Sarah’s extreme dedication to health and fitness gives her the opportunity to compete in figure body building shows.

Suzanne Spurgeon

When you go from styling your Barbie’s hair to your friends’ hair, a career in cosmetology is a natural path. And so it was for Suzanne! She is a cut and color combo guru. No seriously, Suzanne has tricks up her sleeve that will leave you mesmerized with the results. It may have something to do with all of her education and certifications – she is a beauty-wizard. Not only is she a certified L’Oreal Professionnel Artist and Educator, but she has monthly continued education with L’Oreal Professionnel, is finishing her National Balayage Certification with L’Oreal Professionnel, and has been a Branca Babe for a decade! Being an artist isn’t her only passion, she wants share her knowledge with others and give back to the industry she loves. When Suzanne isn’t working her magic on clients, she loves to spend time the good old fashioned way – with family and friends. She would also like to start a nonprofit focusing on addiction and suicide to help fill in the gaps of current programs. Amazing is the word that comes to mind when talking about Suzanne!

Whitney DeBold

A wise girl once quoted Edgar Winter when she said, “I can’t imagine anything more worthwhile than doing what I most love.” This wise girl happens to be our very own Whitney. While she specializes in hair services, Whitney also can do it all. Literally. This girl cuts and colors hair, gives manicures and pedicures, she’ll wax you, do your makeup, style your hair for a special occasion AND apply keratin straightening treatments. While her plethora of talents keeps her busy in the salon, Whitney always finds time to spend with those most precious to her – friends, family and her adorable daughter.

Jodi Miller

Sometimes you fall into a career that you didn’t even know you wanted. That’s precisely what happened to Jodi when Mark Branca offered her an esthetics apprenticeship while she was working in the salon as a receptionist. Some 20 years later and the rest is history! Jodi is our go-to-girl for helping clients with problematic skin. She knows how to treat any and all skin types and has her own skin to speak for her work – Jodi lived with hormonal pigmentation before learning how to minimize and eliminate it! One thing you might not know about Jodi is that she dedicates her own time every single week to mentoring children and teens – you’d never guess that before she had children of her own that teenagers scared her!

Mandie Cross

“Too thin, too much arch, they are ruined!” Those are words you never want to say about your eyebrows.  No need to fear, Miss. Mandie is our eyebrow problem solver!  From facials and chemical peels, to eyebrow waxing and makeup, she can do it all. During her stress relieving facials, you can enjoy the silence or release all of your stresses and worries to this great listener. Mandie said it best, when talking about her main tool-her hands, “My hands are my tool to make their skin look younger and youthful while relaxing them all at the same time.” Mandie has completed numerous Aveda skin care classes, including Aveda skin wise, Aveda makeup and dual exfoliations classes. She also has an extensive knowledge with the SkinCeuticals product line and would be more than happy to share and recommend the best products for your skin. In Mandie’s free time she loves doing yoga, reading a great book, going on an adventure or just hanging out with her friends and family. She is a proud fur mommy of her 2 adorable fur babies, Jax and Carter.  This St. Louis girl is a firm believer in positive thinking, and encourages that with the right mind set, you can achieve anything!

Meagan Meers

Meghan Wilson

Sometimes you have to go through trials and tribulations to find the path you are meant to take. Meghan experienced troubled skin in high school and her difficulty finding treatment inspired her to become an esthetician to help others. Are you in need of an at-home skin care regimen? Meghan is your go-to skin care consultant – she knows the best for each and every client. In addition to adjusting your everyday routine, Meghan provides facials, peels, microderm and she is licensed in waxing, makeup, massage and spray tans. You will definitely leave your appointment with Meghan happy, because she wouldn’t have it any other way. Not only is Meghan a skincare guru, she is also a great hostess when she has friends visit her at the lake!

Traci Suputo

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but Traci is a firm believer that your eyebrows are far more important than we give them credit for! That’s where her perfectionist personality becomes a tool she can apply at work. Aside from specializing in brow waxing, Traci also is professionally known for skin care – both maintenance and correction. If she can help just one client feel more relaxed and confident, Traci feels as if it’s all worth it. Traci is someone to admire both in the salon and in the kitchen – she is always experimenting and researching new ways to cook for both health and pleasure.

Meagan Meers

Patricia Thai

Yanka Doneva

People, pedicures and excellent spa experience – is there really anything else Yanka can excel in? While she gives one of the most relaxing pedicures you’ll ever receive, Yanka is also passionate about restoring your nails back to their natural health and beauty. Although we’d love to keep Yanka in the salon 24/7 because of her notoriety as the “stress-fixer,” Yanka loves to be the ultimate mom and wife and spend time taking care of her family when not at work. Sometimes the simple things are the best things.