Whether you’ve experienced a full-body massage, a relaxing foot rub, or just kneaded your temples to help alleviate a headache, you know how wonderful and comforting a massage can feel. By applying pressure to certain muscles, ligaments, and tendons, your body will almost immediately start to unwind and your muscles will begin to loosen, essentially melting the tension away. But other than making you feel like you’re living on a cloud without a care in the world, a good massage can also provide a whole host of advantages toward your health and well-being. At Studio Branca of St. Louis, our expert massage therapists provide a wide variety of massage services targeted to help you feel better inside and out. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from receiving a good quality massage.

Promotes Healthy Hair

Getting a regular scalp massage can do amazing wonders for your hair. Using custom techniques calculated to relax, a good head massage can help enhance blood flow in the scalp and neck, improving your circulation and stimulating hair growth. It can also lubricate and condition your scalp by spreading your natural oils. This not only increases the luster of your hair, but also prevents dry scalp, which can lead to flakes, brittleness, and split-ends. At both Studio Branca and Salon Branca, we include a scalp and shoulder massage with every haircut, and offer a Tresses No Stresses massage enhancement, which incorporates a warm AVEDA Essential Oil for added relaxation.

Relieves Muscle Ache

Of course, massage therapy is great for relieving any kind of tension or muscle ache. It doesn’t matter if you prefer light pressure or deep tissue, skillfully executed massages can get to the bottom of those aches and pains in no time. Studies have also revealed that massages can even improve your circulation, nervous system, and white blood cell count, which can ultimately boost your immune system. With a customized body massage, like the True Gem Massage available from our certified masseuses, you can choose the exact type, pressure, and length of massage you need to banish all your pains away.

Lessens Pregnancy Discomfort

An increasingly popular massage available right now is a pregnancy or prenatal massage. As the names suggest, these massages are specifically tailored for pregnant women and are intended to reduce stress, decrease swelling, increase circulation, and relieve the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Massage therapist certified in pregnancy massage, like the ones here at Studio Branca, are trained in the correct way to support and position a woman’s body during the massage, and how to modify their techniques to suit each woman’s individual needs.

Relaxes Your Mind

If you want to relieve some stress and focus your mind, there are several types of massage therapies you can choose.  Aromatherapy, for example, uses the essential oils from specific plants like lavender to reduce stress levels, improve blood pressure, and manage pain. At Studio Branca, our Aroma Indulgence Massage starts off with a warm foot bath using AVEDA inhalation therapy to relax and stimulate the mind, followed by a customized body massage to ease muscle tension and improve circulation. We also offer a soothing stone therapy massage where our therapists strategically place heated basalt stones on the body to promote deep relaxation and to calm the nervous system.

Improves Emotional Balance

Massage therapy is often calming and can put an individual into a relaxing state of mind, which is the basis of many studies examining its effectiveness in helping with depression and anxiety. We offer a number of massages at Studio Branca focused on soothing not just the body, but the emotional and physical well-being through mind-body awareness. Our Body Mind Melt massage is a perfect example that uses Aveda Chakra Balancing, incorporating color, words, and scents to help achieve a truly peaceful state.

So, depending on the type of massage you receive, these benefits can affect different aspects of your health, including easing pain, relieving stress, boosting your immunity, and even helping with anxiety and depression. If you would like to experience any of these amazing benefits, book an appointment at Studio Branca of St. Louis today. It’s time to treat your body and mind to an expert massage that will leave you feeling better than ever.