wedding hair

Whether you’re getting married in a beautiful Country Club in St. Charles, a fancy hotel in Chesterfield, or a luxurious event center in downtown, planning a wedding in St. Louis, MO can be exciting yet extremely stressful at the same time. With all the things you need to do, like finding a venue, picking a caterer, getting the right flowers, and deciding on your perfect wedding day look, you hardly have enough time to sleep. Fortunately, Studio Branca Salon and Spa of St. Louis can help. We’re not only experts when it comes to beauty and hair, but we know exactly how demanding and hectic preparing for a wedding can be. In order to help alleviate some of the pressure, we’ve put together a few useful tips that will leave you looking and feeling wonderful on your big day.

Plan Ahead

Trust us: planning ahead will do wonders for your peace of mind. Taking the time to come up with a schedule beforehand will definitely take care of any last minute worrying. Even if things don’t go exactly as planned, at least you’ll have an idea of what needs to be done and when, and you can hopefully adapt if necessary. Fitting in one or two practice hair and makeup sessions before your actual wedding day is a great way to ensure you get the exact look you want on one of the biggest days of your life. It doesn’t matter if you want to go for a full on glam look, a sweet natural glow, or something in between, book a consultation with one of our talented hair stylists and makeup artists and they’ll be sure to help you look perfect.

Take a Breather

A great way to deal with all the stress that comes along with a wedding is to just take some time for yourself and simply relax.  Take a nap, read a book, or get a relaxing massage that can take your mind away from all the tasks that need to be done. Not everything has to be done right this minute, so take some time off and unwind. At Studio Branca, we offer a truly decadent massage called Take the Cake, that includes a customized body massage, a cascading water massage, and a restorative scalp massage meant to help soothe your mind, reduce stress, and banish any aches and pains. After such a sweet indulgence, you can go back to wedding planning refreshed and rejuvenated.

Have Some Fun

Although the ultimate goal of all this meticulous planning is to throw the best celebration possible, you don’t need to save all the fun for the actual day of the wedding. Go ahead and spread it out. Spend time with family and friends you haven’t seen in a while that have come for your happy day. Stop by Studio Branca or Salon Branca for a spa day with your soon to be mother-in-law, or book appointments for you and your bridesmaids for a refreshing spa manicure and pedicure. Whatever you do, take this opportunity to create great memories you will always remember.

Pamper Yourselves

Above all else, your wedding day is a special day for you and your significant other, so go ahead and treat yourselves. Go out to a fancy dinner, stay home and watch your favorite movie, or come to Studio Branca for two Fresh Express Facials. Whatever it is you end up doing, you won’t regret spending some time with the one you love before you both say I do. Weddings are important, but not as important as you are to each other, so make sure you do what you can to enjoy every moment together.

Preparing for a wedding can take a lot of work, but hopefully these tips will leave you feeling more excited and refreshed rather than exhausted and rundown once your big day arrives. If you live anywhere around the St. Louis, MO area, let Studio Branca Salon and Spa help you become the perfect bride. Book an appointment today or contact us if you have any questions about our wedding services and packages.