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The internet has given people around the world the ability to post whatever they want online for everyone to see. This has not only resulted in amazing hair color and style trends that catch fire in a matter of days but in hilarious fails that have us rolling. Check out these 5 beauty battle wounds and fails, courtesy of the internet.

1. Bad Choppy Bangs

Storyful gave us a nice recap of this woman’s choppy bang fail. Would you try to cut your bangs? We wouldn’t recommend it. (See the original video here.)

2. Nail Fail

Swirl nails seem easy until you have to do it at home. Do yourself a favor and stick to the salon.

nail fail

3. Curl-Be-Gone

This gal was attempting to create flowing curls, and we feel bad about the results. Caution: hot styling tools can be dangerous.

4. Comic(al) Nails

Comic book-themed nails? More like comical nails. This fail made us giggle.

comic nail

5. Fringe?

The Laugh Out Loud YouTube channel shared this woman’s bang disaster. Fringe is meant to look like delicate, wispy bangs that are slightly arched around the forehead, however, this fringe doesn’t fit. Note: don’t try to create fringe at home.

Which one of these fails had your sides splitting? Do you have your own beauty disaster to share with us? Show us on Facebook!

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