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The adage as most people know it is that you should get your haircut every six to eight weeks, but how true is that? And more importantly, how many people follow it.
Surveys have shown that most women will wait anywhere from 12 weeks to 6 months for a visit to the salon and while that isn’t totally off base for some hair types – others will need much more care than that.
In fact, that is what the rule for cutting your hair, and how often you should do it, comes down to: what type of hair you have.

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair

Based on Hair Type


Curls of the Tight, Coarse Variety
12 Weeks

How often to cut hair

If your hair is coarse in texture and full of crazy tight curls the general rule is 12 weeks. Your hair won’t develop split or dead ends before then thanks to your awesome curls. Even then, unless you want to keep it short, you shouldn’t need to cut off more than a quarter inch each visit.
Pro Tip: Find a stylist that specializes in curls to help keep those locks even and perfect.

Virgin Hair
12 Weeks

How often to cut hair

You know the kind, the never dyed, only exposed to heat once a quarter hair that many of us left behind in high school. If you are still rocking those perfectly babied locks you shouldn’t need a trim more often than 12 weeks, the risk of it looking frayed is very low with this hair type.
Pro Tip: The only exception to this is if you have longer hair, as long hair needs a bit more upkeep than shorter locks. We are talking rib cage to waist long (or longer!) here.

Long Wavy Locks
8-12 Weeks

If you are doting that long hair (meaning: limited heat, weekly masks etc.) you can wait 12 weeks easy between cuts. Otherwise, or if you are going for a specific shape, you are going to want to make an appointment about every 8 weeks to keep your locks looking healthy and happy.
Pro Tip:If you have long layers that you like to keep framing your face, you need to get a trim every six weeks to keep them in place.

Fine, Lengthy Curls
8-12 Weeks

How often to cut hair

If your curls fall anywhere from loose waves to perfect spirals than 12 weeks is your magic number. If your hair is finer, or maybe a tad too dry, then you are going to want to keep it closer to 8 weeks as too much length can make them look stringy or stretched.
Pro Tip: Keep those curls hydrated with bi-weekly masks to stretch out the time between cuts, and keep your hair generally healthy

Layers Everywhere
6 Weeks

How often to cut hair

If your hair is full of all the layers needed to keep your hair looking raged, edgy, and purposefully windswept you are going to want to head in every six weeks to keep that style looking fresh. Any longer than that and those layers are going to look wonky and more distressed-ragged than sexy.
Pro Tip:If you are growing out your hair from a heavily layered do, there is going to be an awkward grow-out period. Work with your stylist to find a good in between look that will help you to go from one to the other with ease.

Fine Hair of All Lengths
4 to 6 Weeks

How often to cut hair

Fine hair is the bane of many people’s beauty existences. It will be gorgeous for weeks and then overnight deteriorate into a sad, saggy mess. The challenge will be to keep its shape without cutting too much off. You’ll have to gauge your gap based on routine and your personal hair needs, but no more than 6 weeks seems to be the rule of thumb on this hair type.
Pro Tip: Products like dry shampoo can help to keep your hair full of life and omph for those times before a cut when your everyday routine just isn’t cutting it.

Short Hair
4 Weeks

Whether you have a bob, a lob, or a short wavy cut you are going to need to head to the salon quite frequently in order to maintain it. More than just cutting off dead ends, this is making sure that your style stays fresh and clean and keeps you looking great.
Pro Tip: Schedule a few appointments a few months out, that way you don’t find yourself waiting to get into your stylist and hopelessly watching your perfect short cut grow out.

Do you fall under the old six-eight week rule, or are you more of a twelve-week long-hauler? Either way, if you are due (or overdue) for a trim or ready for a whole new look give us a call and we can schedule your appointment with one of our master artisans.