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We love Missouri. The food, the music, the history– it’s a great place to call home! But when it comes to hair, there’s one thing that’s not so great about Missouri: the humidity. If your hair suffers from summertime frizz, managing your mane can be a daily struggle. Since we know just how frustrating humidity can be, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you out!

Invest in Smoothing Products

Lightweight anti-frizz products are a must when comes to fighting the Missouri humidity. The key to finding a good smoothing product is choosing something with keratin in it. Keratin is a protective protein that smooths down the cells that overlap to form strands of hair. Keratin-infused products can repair frizzy and dried-out hair. Smoothing products come in sprays, creams, serums, and oils. It’s up to you which type you choose!

Blonde woman using hairspray.

Wear Your Hair Up

Putting your hair up in the summertime is more than just a way to keep cool. Relaxed buns or braids look stylish and also keep frizz at bay. You can put your hair up when it’s wet and avoid the humidity altogether. To spice up the look, try accessories like headbands, scrunchies, and embellished hairpins. French braids, twists, and top-knots are all chic, easy ways to get your hair off your neck and away from the humidity.

Woman putting hair in bun.

Change Your Towel

Did you know regular towels can damage your hair? Hair is at its most fragile when it’s wet. A normal bath towel is usually too coarse to gently dry wet hair. Standard towels also don’t absorb water particularly well. That means when you blow dry your hair it’s still pretty wet, which in turn, causes more heat damage. Towels made of microfiber or bamboo can efficiently absorb moisture because they are lightweight, dry quickly, and prevent bacteria growth. If you want to go the DIY route, cut up an old T-shirt and use that to dry your hair!

Microfiber towels in multiple colors.

Get the Right Shampoo

When you’re invested in what you put into your hair after the shower, you should also invest in what you wash and condition it with. Look for shampoos and conditioners that are smoothing or sulfate-free. It’s also a benefit if the products contain oils or plant-based products, as these ingredients are highly nourishing and will prevent frizz.

Bottles of L'oreal Pro Fiber Shampoo.

Don’t Over-Wash

It’s tempting to frequently wash your hair during the season of sweat, sand, chlorine, and salt water. Spacing out your hair washes as much as you can stand it will help hair maintain its natural oils. Washing your hair too much will dry it out, making strands more prone to frizz. Can’t handle dirty hair? Use dry shampoo between washes to extend the freshness of your locks.

Woman shampooing hair.

Let Us Help You Smooth It Out!

At Branca Salons, we offer a keratin smoothing treatment. This treatment tackles humidity and environmental toxins, resulting in silky, shiny hair. We also offer a custom Brazilian blowout for smooth hair. Both are priced by consultation. Tell humidity to hit the road and call us today to schedule an appointment!