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Winter is here and with it comes the holiday season, chunky sweaters, warm drinks, and of course, new beauty trends! At Studio Branca SalonSpa, we’re all about trends. While we could’ve listed at least a dozen of our favorite winter trends, we’ve narrowed it down to six!

Natural Skin

Natural, dewy skin is beautiful skin. To keep a beautiful glow during the winter, keep on top of your skin care routine. Regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing will keep things healthy and nourished. For makeup, use a hydrating foundation instead of a matte formulation. This will create a healthy, dewy base. Pair that foundation with a cream blush in pink or peach and a little bit of highlighter and you’ve got a stunning natural glow! For a glow that lasts all season, make a HydraFacial appointment at our medspa!

Blonde woman in a white t shirt with dewy, healthy skin.

Smoky Metallics

The holidays are the perfect time for shiny, sparkly metallic shades. Since it’s also the season for parties and other nighttime events, a smoky metallic eye is a perfect look! You can create a beautiful smoky look with silver, copper, bronze, gold, and even metallic blue or purple. It’s a unique, festive take on a classic smoky eye and will look great paired with your holiday party dress.

Glamorous blonde woman wears smoky metallic eye makeup.

Dark Lips

A statement lip is always necessary for a wintery or holiday look. Instead of a classic bright, blue-toned red, try out a dark shade this season. Shades of plum, burgundy, and wine are a romantic, sultry way to add something special to your holiday makeup. These shades are festive and look great on every skin tone.

Dark haired woman wears a dark red lipstick.

Intense Eyeliner

Whether you love liner all year long or you don’t usually wear it, the winter/holiday season is a great time to turn it up a notch. This could mean doing an intense black cat eye, trying out a little bit of glitter, or using a colored eyeliner to create a bold look. Eyeliner draws attention to your eyes and is a great way to get artistic during the holiday season.

Woman with an intense cat eye.

Pink Shades

Didn’t think that pink could be a festive color for the holiday season? Think again. Shades of pastel pink, bold pink, mauve, and rose are trending this winter. After all, pink is the color of candy and sweets, and there’s no better time to enjoy sweet treats than during the holidays! Try out something different this year and wear a bold pink eye look for your next holiday event.

Brunette girl with pink eye makeup and lipstick.

Icy Makeup

Want to look like a snow princess? Try your hand at some icy makeup this season! Wintery blue, silver, and white eyeshadow/eyeliner is a great way to create a frosty eye look. For your face, try out an icy-toned white highlighter instead of a warm golden shade. This cool makeup combines the winter season and holiday festivity into one delightfully chilly look.

Woman with grey/blonde hair and icy makeup.

Come Get Dolled Up This Winter

At Studio Branca SalonSpa, our team of professional makeup artists can create all of these looks and much, much more! We can also help you find your perfect shades, do your makeup for special occasions, and teach you about applying makeup on your own. Schedule your makeup application appointment today!